Why would a black person be a Christian? Christianity is a religion dominated and run by white Europeans and has historically been used as a bludgeon to enslave and oppress black people. Africans (who were not Christians) were stolen from their homes and brought to the Americas, where they were were treated with less respect and good will than horses and dogs. They had their religion and entire way of life stolen from them.

And then they become Christians? I don’t get it.

Why would LGBTQ people be Christians? These are people that are treated horribly, oppressed and murdered in the name of Christianity. The Supreme Court just last Friday said that the various states do in fact have to treat them like actual human beings so far as marriage is concerned and thousands of LGBTQ folks started singing praises to the Christian god.

Aren’t people aware that there are other religions out there? Wicca, for example, is not anti-LGBTQ and it seems unlikely that it will ever be used as a tool of oppression of LGBTQ people. Santeria, for example, is not anti-black and it seems unlikely that it will ever be used a tool of oppression of black people.

Why are women Christians? This is a religion that has a holy book (claimed to be the absolute infallible word of an all-powerful and unchanging god) that says that women exist only to support and help men, that they should shut up and let men do all the talking, and that if they should manage to get themselves raped (’cause it’s always their fault, ya know) they have to marry their rapist. The rapist, of course, only gets punished if his victim happens to be a virgin. His punishment is that he has to marry his victim and pay her father a little silver to reimburse him for the bride price that was lost when his daughter went and had sex with some rapist.

Wicca, for example (again), is not anti-woman and doesn’t have any rules about women having to marry their rapist.


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