Cultural Appropriation

I know this is rambling and disjointed. Sorry about that, but I don’t really feel like doing a lot of editing and rewriting at the moment. One of the new(er) buzzwords is “cultural appropriation.” There is a fair amount of disagreement on this, even among liberals. Some say it doesn’t even exist, while others decry […]

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Castalia House

Castalia House is a small, incredibly minor publishing house based in Finland. In actuality, it is a vanity press by certified crazy person Theodore Beale. Theodore Beale prefers to be known as Vox Day (modified spelling of Vox Dei, meaning Voice of God) and is accurately described by John Scalzi as a “racist sexist homophobic […]

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Why would a black person be a Christian? Christianity is a religion dominated and run by white Europeans and has historically been used as a bludgeon to enslave and oppress black people. Africans (who were not Christians) were stolen from their homes and brought to the Americas, where they were were treated with less respect […]

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On Guns

Last weeks mass murder in Charleston has, once again, brought out the crazies on both sides of the gun control debate. I say debate, but it isn’t really a debate – mostly it is incoherent screaming and the endless posting of facebook memes. None of this helps and none of this is a discussion, debate […]

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On Charleston

I’ve thought for years that things were better than they used to be. I thought that there had been real improvement in American life. We elected a black president. There are only three individuals honored with a federal holiday and one of them is black. There are respected leaders in business, academia, politics and the […]

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